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  1. I’m in Washington state, working for Logos Bible Software. I was looking for a good audio Bible to listen to while I work, and this is the best one I have found by far! It’s been a real blessing and has acquainted me with more scripture that I would otherwise have time for. Thank you!


  2. I found this by searching on iTunes, and have been listening for over a year (maybe 2?). This gives me a little soul food when I need it, almost every day, while I’m on the go. Thank you, Michael!

  3. Hi Kelsey from long island , New York and i love the podcast. its great for the morning drive and run to just put on the podcast instead of the radio and to have the living word running threw my mind all day long. its like subconscious meditation.

  4. hi my name is betty, i really like this podcast, i thank you that you send these to me to listen to, bless you,

  5. Once I reached an age where I could decide, my father asked if we’d rather not go to church on Sunday. Of course as a 13-year-old who had school Monday-Friday, spent all Saturday doing chores, I jumped at the chance to not have any commitment on Sunday. After I got out of school I searched in vein for a religious experience that suited me, I found none so again I turned my back on religiousness. I find now, that we may be reaching the end times that I must examine my path once again. While I still spurn so-called organized religion I turned to your podcast so that I may hear the word of God and perhaps through that hearing when the time of the end comes (possibly in May 2011) that I will at least get a favorable mark. I’m sure my sinful ignorance will not allow me to be raptured but perhaps I will see the favor of the lord as I move through the trials of the Horsemen of the apocalypse and be judged clean at the end of days. God give me strength.


  7. Hi. Been listening to the podcast for about 2 years.
    Great work – really gets the gospel out there in an innovative way. I run a youth group & I’ve even suggested to them that they use this podcast to get their daily dose of scripture whilst their on the bus or getting about.

    Thanks to you for faithfulness to His word – He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” Mark 16: 15

    God bless

  8. Thanks for freely sharing this podcast, Michael. =)
    I found it on iTunes–it was among the top Bible podcasts. And rightly so, I think– all the other readings I’ve come across are either a bit monotonous or a bit cheesy (overdramatized). I appreciate your earnest, even tone, and when&where you emphasize words. It’s helped the epistles sound more like letters from actual people than performances for the religious.

    Jared Wilk, age 27
    Durham, NC

  9. Indeed and Amen. These readings have blessed my life especially on the go.

    May God continue to richly bless you.

  10. Thank you for doing this.

    I found it on iTunes although I don’t use iTunes anymore. Instead I use an Android app called Listen.

  11. I found the podcast while searching on iTunes about 1 year ago. Listening to you reading it has help me understand clearly the word of GOD. I love the King James verson when I read, but this version that you read brings the message home. Thank you God bless and

  12. Thank you for this podcast! I have been listening nightly for over a year, it has been a real blessing. Thank You for your faithfulness. God Richly Bless you and the work of your hand.

  13. I begun listening for several years. Thank you, Michael, for answering this calling God has on you. You help people not only hear the Word of God, but FEEL it as well. I am most grateful…

  14. Hey Michael, thank you so much for this amazing podcast. The quality is great, and I’m looking forward to downloading the rest of the Bible. This is a great service to the Kingdom!

  15. Hey Michael, I also found your podcast in iTunes. This particular Bible podcast you created is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I love how you do the recordings by chapter and label them by chapter as well. It makes it super easy for me to find books and chapters in seconds. The translation is very easy to understand. You have a pleasant speaking voice and you seem to contemplate everything you read, which makes it much more interesting and “believable”. I’m very pleased with it all. I have a really hard time sitting down to read because I get really sleepy – it never fails! So hearing the Word is a much easier way for me to get through the Bible. Brother, I’m anxious to get to Ezekiel, Daniel, Job, Jeremiah, Revelation, etc. When do you expect to release more? =) I thank the Lord for your dedication to this project! Peace and blessings to you and your family in YAHUWAH’s name!

  16. Michael, thank you for your vision to share the Word of God via podcast. I listen to it nearly every day! In fact, I have loaded as many books on the ipod as I can so that we can have them at the hospital with us for the birth of our 4th child!
    Thank you for your faithfulness to continue. We will gladly be praying for you.
    BTW, I’ve been listening for at least 2 years now, and this has helped sustain me through some really dark times.

  17. Thank for these readings. I’m dyslexic and sometimes really struggle to read the bible but I listen to the podcasts and read along as you speak. These are by far the best audio readings I’ve found. I will be making a donation to ensure this resource can keep going! Thank you

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