The Bible Podcast on Hiatus

Thank you all for the encouraging emails over the past month.

My real-world obligations caught up to me in December, and The Bible Podcast went on an unplanned hiatus. We will be back up and running starting the second week in January.

Thank you for you continued support.

One thought on “The Bible Podcast on Hiatus

  1. Hello,
    Happy New Year!!

    We hope that your real world obligations are doing good. No worries about when you get back to your Bible Podcast, but we really appreciate your time in doing this. We are glad to hear that you are ok, but just taking a small break.

    We like to leave it on and play all night because you know how the Bible says that “faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God”Rom 10:17. I was really amazed that on the days when we did listen to it while sleeping, I felt so encouraged and energized the next day. God is so great isn’t He!!!

    Well, have a nice day!

    Rich and April

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