One thought on “Matthew 6

  1. I just read this passage in a new light because I read it in context.

    I used to Get frustrated with this passage and with God because I would only think of it starting at verse 25; and I would only think of it when I was experiencing anxiety. But today I realized that what Christ is telling us is to set ourselves up to be in a position where we are not worriers.

    If we live lives that are God’s and if everything we have, we put under God’s control we have absolutely no need in the world to worry about it. If our treasures are in Heaven then that is all that will matter to us and the earthly troubles will not worry us in the first place.

    Living this live does not come instantly but I thing what Jesus it telling us is that, if we are concerned about the things of God first over time we will be people who naturally do not worry.

    Lets focus on God, walk with Him, get to know his heart, His values. And once we do we will likely not worry about the things that we normally do.

    That’s my thought, what’s yours

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