8 thoughts on “Matthew 26

  1. Hrm… Seems there’s a problem with both the files at the site here, as well as the iTunes feed for Matthew 25 and 26…

  2. I show Jan 22 as the most recent update on i-tunes. is there a problem? I really look forward to listening to these before my feet touch the floor everymorning!

  3. Took another look at the problem – there was a software update recently, and it wasn’t building enclosures for the mp3 files. It should be fixed now. I just opened iTunes, and was able to download Matt. 25&26 as part of my podcast feed.

    Let me know if you continue to have problems.

  4. It is now working for me! Praise the Lord since I really look forward to listening to these podcasts each day. It helps me get through my hectic work week.

    God bless!

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