5 thoughts on “Isaiah 51

  1. One week into the podcast into the podcast and it stops. Drat! Mike is doing a good job. It seem like he is doing this himself. I pray all is OK with his life.

  2. Mike glad life is getting in the way. Life is important. I am more happy that it was not a tragedy or calamity that got you. Lots of love to you brother and thankfs or what you have done.

  3. Great read Michael! I have listened to productions that include actors, sound effects, symphony instruments, plus other enhancements. However, none of them have given me the sense of God actually speaking His Word directly to me like your Podcasts. Thanks and may God bless your continued efforts.

  4. I’m looking forward to listening to this, and would be happy (if I can) to help out anyway.. Not too sure an Irish accent would suit though :)

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