New Server Upgrade

Please take a few minutes to listen to what’s going on with The Bible Podcast. We are planning to upgrade to a new server (the computer that runs the podcast), and switch to a new hosting company (the delivery service that moves data to the listeners). Please consider donating to help offset the cost of these upgrades.

(NOTE: I misspoke in this podcast: I meant to say that the podcast has listeners in almost 200 countries, not over 200 countries.)

Site Redesign

I’ve updated the design of the website. If you find anything that’s broken, or that looks odd, please let me know. I’m particularly interested in finding out how the site looks on Windows Internet Explorer 6 and 7, since I’m working on a Mac using Firefox.


Server Down

Sorry for the delay in getting new podcasts up – our hosting server went down over the last 3 days, so no new content could be uploaded. Things may still be a bit rocky for the next few days, but we’ll try to get the regular podcasts back up as soon as possible.