2 thoughts on “Acts 26

  1. Hi Michael,
    First, I want to thank you for reading bible every day. I listen to bible every day, since I am kind of slow reader (English is my 3rd language).

    Interestingly, I found your podcast once I was listening to a podcast sermon in Finland, and I just checked what other podcasts they listen, and yours was one of them. So there are people, far away in Finland, who listen to your reading.

    Also I want to mention that I live in Fullerton, CA. You mentioned that your church is Garden Grove. We are practically neighbors, and it took me a “trip to Finland” to find your podcast.
    May God bless you exceedingly, Meria

  2. I had a very difficult time doing my daily reading. I would go for days without opening the Holy Word.

    Now, I eagerly sign on so I can hear the podcast.

    Thanks for assisting in my faithfulness.

    Kent Peterson
    West Des Moines, IA

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