Who are you?

Hello, my name is Michael Lee. I'm the primary reader, recording engineer, webmaster, founder, and email-answerer for The Bible Podcast.

In my life outside of this podcast, I am a musician, professor, blogger, worship leader, husband, and father.

For more information, you can listen to the Roll Call podcast.

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4 Replies to “Who are you?”

  1. I really like your voice when reading the Bible, have you considered recording some books entirely by yourself? Like one of the testaments, I would love to have that.


  2. hi Michael thank you for the podcast. I am just listening to Romans 8, and the quality is totally different from the rest of the audio. Just letting you know in case you’re not aware of it. Thank you again.

  3. Michael, thank you for taking on this project. I listen to your NET Bible podcasts frequently and find them uniquely helpful because they are ‘listenable’, i.e. neither monotone nor overly dramatic, a ‘story-telling’ pace which allows one to meditate upon and understand the words, and a pleasant-sounding tone of voice which soothes rather than irritates or distracts. I look forward to your completion of this task. May the Lord bless your efforts.

  4. Thank you so much for your readings. I have found them so helpful, your voice is great, and it’s way easier for me to follow along and understand whats happening! So grateful! Thank you!

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