The New English Translation

Why are you using the New English Translation (NET)?

The New English Translation was the first modern translation of the Bible to follow an open-source model. After the initial text was translated by a committee of scholars, it was posted online at, along with extensive notes detailing the translation decisions made by the committee. With the release of the text came an an invitation for people to critique the work. People from all backgrounds left comments regarding source text decisions, original language interpretation, and English readability, making their best case for alterations. If a consensus was reached, the translation was altered to reflect the more standard reading. The result was the release of the NET Beta 2, a translation with both solid scholarly background and broad consensus.

When I first conceived of The Bible Podcast project, the philosophy behind the NET seemed the most natural fit with the culture of podcasting. I approached the Biblical Studies Foundation, the non-profit group behind the NET, for permission to use their text as the basis for this podcast. They agreed enthusiastically. Most modern English Bible translations are copyrighted works, costing millions of dollars to create. For the Biblical Studies Foundation to release permission for this podcast was a gracious act on their part, and I appreciate their continued commitment to making the NET a translation that is available to, and responsive to, the community it serves.

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  1. In past, I have not been one to read the Bible. After listening to your Podcast of the scriptures, I find that the Bible is a book I cannot put down. I listen, then I read. Your contributions to speading God’s word are a true blessing.
    Thanks goes out to all of you there.

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