Reading a Chapter

Can I read a chapter for The Bible Podcast?

Yes! One of our purposes for this project is to get a wide range of people from every tribe of the Christian faith involved in reading the Word. There are only three things we ask of the people who are reading:

First, that you be a person who loves God, and follows Jesus Christ.

Second, we ask that you love Scripture and view it as an intentional work of God. Whether you use words like inerrant, infallible, narrative, or symbolic to describe God's intention, we ask that you hold a view that honors Scripture as an integral part of a life of faith, inspired by God for that purpose.

And third, we ask that you use the New English Translation for your reading. The NET is just one among many excellent modern translations of the Bible, and we appreciate the value in having many good translations available. We are using a single translation for this podcast for cohesiveness and to simplify the copyright permission process.

If you want to be a part of The Bible Podcast project, contact us and we'll send you the details about how you can participate.

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  1. Thank you to those of you who have responded. Please be sure to get your mp3 files back to me as soon as you can. I’m trying to setup the first few weeks of the podcast so that things are already in qeue when we launch.

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