How do I listen to the podcast?

If you are new to podcasting, there are two ways to listen to The Bible Podcast. The first is simple; if you click on the right arrow of this audio player:


your web browser will automatically start downloading the podcast, and will play it through your computer's speakers.

If you'd like to listen to the podcast without having to visit the website every day, you can use a program to automatically download the podcast each day and store it for you on your computer, or on your ipod. This is called “subscribing” to a podcast. We recommend using iTunes (version 4.9 or higher), a free and simple pogram for both Mac and PC.

Once you've downloaded iTunes, click on this link to open the podcast. If it doesn't open in iTunes, you can manually subscribe by clicking an option called “Subscribe to Podcast” under the “Advanced” menu options. Once you've clicked on it, enter the following URL:

You are now subscribed to The Bible Podcast, and iTunes will automatically download the new podcast every weekday.

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6 Replies to “How do I listen to the podcast?”

  1. I’ve just recently downloaded Chapters 8 , 9 and 10 with iTunes yet when I update my ipod pod cast list , those chapters aren’t being added and ontop of that John 1 is no longer in the episode list on the itunes music store. Are chapters 8-10 not yet available for ipod podcasting? And will John 1 be readded to the episode list? I hope so because I really find it calming and soothing to listen to the chapters as I travel to and from college.

  2. Marie

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Check your itunes settings for podcasts; you should be able to manage how your ipod retrieves files from your itunes menu. I’ve also updated the feed so that all previous chapters are available through your itunes subscription. You may have to unsubscribe and then resubscribe to the podcast in order to download those chapters.

  3. I enjoy listening to the bible on the way home from work and on the way home. I was wondering why the bible is not being read in order. IE Genisis, Exodus, and so forth.

  4. Good question. Given that the ordering of the text in our bibles is somewhat arbitrary, and certainly not bound by the same sort of inspiration that we might attribute to the text itself, I felt some liberty to read through the books in an order that might make sense to someone who is listening to the podcast with no prior background with the scripture.

    I’m fascinated by John’s writing, and I think his exposition of the person of Christ is a pretty good place to start for anyone delving into the text. From there, Romans provides a solid theological understanding for our place in God’s greater kingdom. After that, we will start into some of the Old Testament writings.

    I intend to keep all of the podcasts available online, so as the project develops, you can feel free to download and listen in whatever order makes sense to you. Thanks for listening!

  5. Hi, Thanks for doing this. I’m wondering how to download the prior podcasts… there must be a way…. I’m new at this….and not too technically oriented….help? PS I think the people who are reading are great!

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