Copyright Information

Who owns the copyrights for The Bible Podcast?

In a project of this kind, there are three creative works involved, each with its own set of copyright restrictions.

First, the underlying text for these podcasts is from the New English Translation, and the Biblical Studies Press retains full control of the copyright for that work. Details about the copyright for the underlying text can be found at the website.

The second creative work is the actual audio recording of the text. The audio recording of these podcasts is made freely available under a creative commons non-commercial sampling license, available for use and distribution by anyone, so long as the use is non-commercial, and the new use does not consist entirely of these audio recordings.

The third creative work is the original music used at the beginning and end of each podcast. This music is released under the same creative commons non-commercial sampling license.

Please note that this license only releases the audio recording portions of the podcast. Any derivative use that involves the underlying text of the New English Translation is still subject to the copyright restrictions of that translation. Please honor the generosity of the Biblical Studies Press in supporting The Bible Podcast by not abusing their right to administer their copyrighted translation as they deem appropriate. Visit their copyright page for information.

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